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An excellent introduction to a thesis write

Published on November 28, 2017 Niklas Melcher. Date updated: October 3, 2019

Your Introduction serves to introduce the topic of your thesis and make the reader curious with an overview. Why it is important and how it is built, can be found here.


What an introduction of the custom assignment writing service bachelor thesis is important

An introduction can you as a teaser or view a commercial for your dissertation. By you reveal your motivation, your method and the state of research in your introduction, you give the reader a taste of which is to stimulate interest.

Convince your auditors in the introduction that your thesis is exciting. Because if your professor already start with anticipation and interest your thesis to read, the chances of getting good grades are very high.

Pay for your introductory particular:

  • theme – What characterizes the theme
  • ? – What do you want with the thesis reach
  • ? make
  • The readers curious – What motivates the reader to read on
  • ? the relevance – What is the scientific relevance of this thesis
  • ?

The scope and content of your introduction

There are no set guidelines for the length of discharges in Bachelor’s and Master’s work, but usually takes the introduction 5 to 10% of the circumference of your thesis one. The components of your Bachelor’s thesis and its structure are to follow about this structure:

component Description
Situation & Theme presentation in a thrilling ‘bait’ you live a the subject. You give the first information on the subject of the topic and erläuterst the current state of research.
relevance of the subject & Motivation do you justify the relevance of your topic (scientific) and be able to arrange it in the context of your subject area. In addition
often requires that you put your personal motivation open. Symptoms and thematic delimitation A specific research question (or hypothesis) you put your explicit research interest is that you confines thematically. If necessary, you explain difficult concepts.
objective From your introduction should clearly state what the goal of your work and what outcome you you upon termination work your hopes.
method the procedure and the choice of method should be justified and explained.
structure of the thesis Finally, you give the reader an overall view of your thesis in which you explain the structure reveals the thread and darstellst how the research questions are answered.

Is your thesis properly?

Average contains a thesis 150 error per 1,000 words .

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How to display an introduction of the bachelor thesis

Verfass initiation at the end

The introduction is in some ways a guide for the entire thesis. Therefore, it makes little sense to write the introduction definitively at the beginning.

Instead, it is recommended to write at the beginning of an outline and then write the bulk of the initiation until the main part of the actual Bachelor work is finished writing. Because only the end of your thesis you have an overview of the state of research, methods and co.!

An exclamation point at the beginning

Your introduction you start best with a interesting start.

Through provocative statements, controversial issues, descriptive statistics, exciting personal experience reports or eloquent quotes you can arouse interest and the reader curious to make them read directly at the beginning of the thesis.

Sample entry: “2 billion people worldwide use social media. They offer huge potential for marketing. In this thesis the different marketing strategies for social media to be investigated. “

Writing the introduction in connection with the conclusion

The introduction is closely related to the conclusion of your thesis.

While you summarize the main part in your conclusion, it goes into your introduction to your thesis about the reader on these same prepare. However, it is important that results in the introduction do not have anything to look – even if you write only after the main section


Bottoms initiate if necessary

You also have the possibility to divide the introduction again in sub-points. Especially with long bachelor theses or extensive disambiguation at the beginning that your introduction can make clearer.

Example subdivision:

1.2 The aim of the work

The writing style of an introduction

An Introduction to arouse interest and can thus build quiet sometimes some tension. It is very important for an introduction:

  • short but precise: quality over quantity
  • . the introduction in the present tense and use the past tense or perfect to describe background information – but it is important that you care for a past tense Entsche Check out a sample introduction at

Checklist: Introduction Bachelor thesis

You lead a with an exciting ‘bait’ to the subject.

You put the issue before.

The research interest is limited thematically.

research question and / or hypotheses are.

The goal of your work is clearly defined.

The state of research will be discussed.

The introduction arouses curiosity.

Why the issue is relevant, is clearly described.

You explain your motivation (if required).

The method is described and justified.

The introduction contains a general overview of the work.


The introduction of your thesis now includes all the major building blocks. If you need more help, but take a look at our other checklists.